Hanagarii Yoyul is of the first generation of Earth Reăn Geŕ (God's Tongue for 'eternal treasure'), the reincarnation of the deceased demi-god Nokiba's power. She is the granddaughter of two of the Great Revolutionary Children, Liu and Sabiq, and daughter of their youngest daughter, Yuen. Hanagarii's highest elemental affinity is Earth, though she also possesses affinity to Water, Air, Chi, and Fire. Hanagarii is known as having the "sharpest-tongue" of her sisters, reknowned for her snide comments and goofy nature. After her reincarnation, Hanagarii and her sisters undergo intense training to learn the five elements that all future Reăn Geŕ will hold the power to wield, which is the center idea of the series.

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